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Yuzuru Hanyu, the Ice Prince

16 Feb

Stories About Buildings

Along with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games that take place at Sochi in Russia, girls have been rating about a Japanese figure skater named Yuzuru Hanyu. And because I mostly have no tangence with sports field I was wondering why this 19 y.o. guy is so amazing and why to girls rant about him so much on Tumblr. Usually, on Tumblr, the girls were ranting about J-rockers and K-pop artits so it was unsual to see girls ranting about an athlete.

And I continued wondering and looking at the picture with curiosity until I saw this video…

I don’t know what you think about this, but this guy practically walks on ice like Jesus on water!!! I’ve been watching figure skating for entertainment, but, God, I have never seen anything like this before! It’s pure talent and beauty at the same time which makes me wonder if this…

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[HQ FANCAMS] 130402 JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome (Day 1) – Part 4

8 Apr


Part 3

JYJ Cute Time~!


Be My Girl

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